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About Us

About Us

When family, friends, community, and business are tied so closely together, it is hard to come up with a way to start an ‘About the Business’ page. I have sold real estate full time in the area since 2004, and plan to be here for many decades to come. I have learned from experience, trial and error, watching other agents, reading, and many other ways, but the best lessons I learned are from two of my mentors who aren’t around any more: my uncle, Travis Bevers and my grandmother, Ann Bevers.

Ann Bevers was the broker of Bevers Real Estate for 35 years and one of the hardest working, most gifted people I knew. Shortly after she passed from this world to the next in 2018, I wrote the following letter to our agents and my family to help explain what I learned from her and what I wanted to carry on. Her funeral, just as much as her life, was an inspiration to me and others.

I have spent the last week, and really the last few months, thinking about my grandmother and what kind of impact she has on me. After her passing last week, I really wanted to choose some important principles from her life that I want to carry forward. Thought I would share them with you below.

Priorities were straight. Granny knew what her priorities in life were, and never let work interfere with her faith, family, or friendships. Her goals in real estate did not define her life, and despite working very hard in the business she was always willing to give up business for her real purposes. This balance is something I hope to improve in my own life . . . its easy to let real estate consume everything and take first priority if you aren’t careful.

She trained leaders. I have seen Ann’s impact in many people’s lives, but to hear so many stories back to back at her funeral was inspiring. I admire her raising up of other leaders, delegating responsibility slowly, and helping others grown into themselves. As a Christian business leader, she practiced what she preached and left key people in important positions. Rather than having a business or a person fail once her influence was removed, she set them up to thrive. 

She loved people. She often said that the reason she was in real estate was because she loved people, and she meant it. While I feel like I have applied many of the lessons she taught me as far as caring for my clients and making them first priority, I don’t have the same joy that she had when working with others. This is definitely something that I want to work on and improve.

She committed to a place. When you sow the same ground for almost 40 years, you reap some very unique benefits. Ann committed to this place, Washington County, years ago and never looked back. Her impact in any given year was not enormous, but she had the long view. It reminds me of a quote from Eugene Peterson about faith in God, “a long obedience in the same direction.” I have grown to love this place, in large part because of her commitment to it. There are so many benefits to being in one place for decades, despite it being an almost antiquated ideal these days.

No excuses. Ann was a successful businesswoman at a time when there were very few of those. Personally, I am very proud of what she was able to do in real estate, with the restaurant, and with so many other things. I am sure they are out there, but I don’t know of any other women from her era who have been able to have that kind of impact. She didn’t let that stop her and never really made it an issue – she just forged ahead. In real estate its very easy to blame external circumstances – economy, clients, bad luck – but taking responsibility for everything that happens gives you the opportunity to change things.

This is not an exhaustive list, but these are some of the principles that I would like to carry forward. Ann sacrificed a lot to prepare the soil for others who would follow her. She could have done many things over the past couple of decades, but she chose to continue to work and mentor others. She was more than a grandmother and a mentor to me, she was also my friend and I am lucky to have learned so much from her in the time we had together.


I purchased the business from her and my grandfather Ken in 2017, closing shortly after she was diagnosed with lung cancer. The other mentor who had the largest impact on me was my Uncle Travis, who we tragically lost due to a sudden heart attack at age 50. Travis believed in me and my approach to real estate before anyone else did, and if not for his support I probably would not be in this business still. We talked about carrying on this business together, and I wish that was the way it had played out.

Travis was passionate about life in a way that few others are. He loved to hunt, fish, and even sell real estate. But most of all, he loved people. His funeral was overwhelming in support from others as well, and looking back on it years later it was also funny in a unique way. There were 5 or 6 people who introduced themselves as Travis’ best friend, and all looked very surprised when someone else introduced themselves that way.


Reflecting on what I have learned, and what my mentors taught me, here are the principles that define our business and purpose:

Core Values:

Clients interests are #1

Encourage entrepreneurship

Provide opportunity for agents

Love selling real estate


Experience the satisfaction that comes from helping clients make one of the biggest decisions of their lives, and love the choice that they make. We do anything it takes to build confidence and prove that we can be trusted.


We will be known for our outstanding reputation and a mindset always favoring relationships over an individual sale . . . We will be a place where like-minded entrepreneurs can grow a business quickly and see their hard work pay off . . . We will be know as creative problem solvers, never exhausting ideas to help our clients realize their dreams of owning a property . . . 50 years from now, our company will still be know for honesty, hard work, and creativity . . . . ‘Bevers’ will mean creative technology, business savvy, and long-term relational sales, no matter what.


My name is Bradley Bevers, and I am the owner/broker of Bevers Real Estate. If you would like to hear more of my story, please check out my bio page along with the bios of the rest of our agents. We look forward to working with you!